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            The V-Flat – VFT and the Self Aligning V-Flat – AVFT thrust bearings are similar to our T series thrust bearings with the exception of one of the thrust plates being flat. The basic design uses a tapered top, flat bottom thrust plate and a tapered roller assembly with a brass retainer between the two. This design allows the bearing to float radially in the application so there is no conflict with the closed radial bearing. The V-Flat tapered thrust bearing utilizes a concave spherical grounded base plate that mates with the convex spherical grounded bottom plate. These mating surfaces help absorb misalignment between the shaft and housing. The V-Flat, AVFT tapered thrust bearings are commonly used in heavy-duty extruders, along with cylindrical roller bearings?in plastic and rubber industries while the VFT is found in many cone type rock crushers.

            V-Flat Tapered Roller

            V-Flat Tapered Roller (VFT, AVFT)

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