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            American Roller Bearings is an industry leader in manufacturing bearings for the?Rock Crushing?Industry.


            Impact is one of the most severe types of load that can be applied to a bearing.? Rock crushers break large stones into smaller stones/pebbles by causing a continuous impact on the raw material. American cylindrical roller bearings are used in the two main types of rock crushers used all over the world in the rock crushing industry.? Jaw Crushers and Cone Crushers have been doing this extreme job successfully for a long time.? Some Cone Crushers use a tapered roller V-flat design as the primary thrust bearing in the cone.

            Bearings Used in Rock Crushing Industry

            rock crushing brochure

            Rock Crushing & Aggregate Brochure

            cement industry brochure

            Cement Industry Brochure

            Bearings We Offer

            American Roller Bearing primarily makes heavy duty bearings that are used in various industries in the US and around the world. Not only must our industrial class bearings provide long in-service life from a rolling fatigue criterion, but they must also hold together structurally from impacts, overloads, and occasional high-speed excursions. The design of every heavy-duty bearing has been optimized to this end, including our large bore bearings.

            Bearing Services

            American Roller Bearing is proud to support our quality products with quality services before and after the sale. From bearing repair and reconditioning to bearing modifications (where we can modify existing bearings to meet changing needs like adjusting clearances, modifying spacers, and adding counter-bores), American Roller Bearing offers a variety of services:

            • Bearing Inspections
            • Hands-On Training
            • Installation
            • Maintenance
            • Reinstallation
            • Field Repair
            • Factory Reconditioning
            • Bearing Modifications
            • Bearing Repair & Reconditioning

            Click here to Request A Quote or call us at 828-624-1460